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How great was CulturePoint night at Turningpoint Church on Sunday? The saddest thing for me about our CulturePoint nights has been the fact that I couldn't make it to the pervious ones, but now I've been bitten by the Culture bug and I can't wait to continue on these amazing nights!

It was awesome to see the house of the Lord filled with cultural praise and worship and seeing from the stage how everyone in the auditorium was getting into it. There was clapping, dancing, singing and rejoicing, all for the name of the Lord.

Before our CulturePoint night started, the Pacific Island team re-enforced that the night wasn't about a performance, but an offering of Worship to our Heavenly Father. Connecting as one family with one heart, worshipping the One God.

It was a brilliant night filled with colour and expression, seeing the different Pacific Island cultures come together and then sharing in some delicious food. Wow! The team did a great job and I've received a lot of great feedback. Now I'm excited about the Indian CulturePoint night in August. I'm sure Chris and the gang have a lot of great worship in store for us and I can't wait to taste all the different curries that I'm sure will follow.

If you weren't there on Sunday night, click on the link below and check out a snippet from the night.

CulturePoint Night

One of the great things about our CulturePoint nights is the opportunity that each culture has, to bring to the forefront of our Church how they worship in their native tongue.

When I was researching the history of the South Pacific, the different Island cultures and how Christianity spread in the Pacific Nations, I couldn't help but be in awe of those that came before us and laid the foundation of a life that I now live.

It reminded me of the story of Elijah and Elisha 2 Kings 2:9-10; Elijah asks Elisha to tell him something that he could do for him before he is taken away, and Elisha responds, "Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit!" - Elisha never asked for material things, he asked for a double portion of his spirit. Material goods, rust and fade, they get blown away in the wind, but our Spirit lives on in eternity.

The spirit of our ancestors have been passed down through the generations and it was on display at Turningpoint Church on Sunday night. We never want to forget the spirit of those that took the time to build what we enjoy now and like Elijah, his work was done and it was Elisha's time to take up the mantle and continue the work.

Leo Harris, Thomas Foster, Barry Chant, Rob & Liz Bailey, Phil & Norma Cayzer are just a few names whose spirit will live on in our midst well past even this generations tenure and it's exciting to see all the younger generation step up and step into the gaps that are being left.

Speaking of younger generation, you might've noticed that they've been out in force after our Church services on Sunday and some of you might not even know why they've been selling all these sausages, brownies, chocolates, lollies........ Well, it's because, later on this year, Joel and Sieni will be taking the youth on their very first Missions Trip.....where? where else! UGANDA of course lol. They will be venturing out to Africa at the end of the year, so they need all the help they can get to get there. When you buy something they are selling, the money goes directly to funding their Missions Trip to Uganda, Kenya and then India. Their primary focus? To spread the Word of the Lord. How great is that.

To keep up with all the fun things that are happening with our Splat Youth Ministries and watching some of their live video feeds, why not jump onto their facebook page, LIKE it, then SHARE it!

If you'd like to donate to such a worthy cause, please contact our office on 5996 3048 to make a donation. These kids are on FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!


It was such a blessing to have Pastor Richard and Sister Rachel from PNG staying with Turningpoint Church this last few weeks. Having them around, it felt like they've always been here.

Ps Richard and Sister Rachel have been a great help with our Turningpoint Support Centre and have been a blessing to have at our Sunday services. A great big THANK YOU shout out to all those that took them out for dinner, showed them around our town and welcomed them into your houses, they were truly blessed and now are heading over to South Eastern for the remainder of their visit to Australia. They go with our prayers for themselves and for the whole of PNG and their missionary work that they are embarking on. We will miss you, but at least we have this beautiful song to always keep you in our prayers and thoughts......


Children's church at Port Hedland. The pastor's wife, Robyn Bettcher does everything with excellence! Lots of activities to choose from.


Our Turningpoint Men return this weekend from their weekend away and from all accounts it was a great success! There have been some great feedback coming through and the men are already planning their camp for 2018.

Ps Roland Tankard from Wyndham vale was the guest speaker on the Retreat and shared a powerful message in relation to king David.

There was a lot of food, sitting around the camp fire and of course, four-wheel driving. It's always a highlight of the camps, check out some of the photos below

Make sure you don't miss out on Empower Camp 2018

Want to know what's been going on at our different Turningpoint locations?

Why not jump onto their Facebook pages and have a look.

God bless you!

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