New Life

I don't know about you, but one thing that really gets me excited in the house of the Lord, is when someone gets baptised. Isn't it great to see a new soul take that faith step and declaring their faith to the world through baptism?

Two weekends ago a good friend of mine Facebook messaged me that her daughter was getting baptised out at our KooWeeRup branch. Such a great and a momentous time for her and her family, unfortunately I couldn't make it due to worship leading at our Cranbourne branch, but from all accounts, it was amazing. Check out these photos. Even more photos on the Turningpoint KooWeeRup Facebook page.

It's been a big week already this week with so much news coming out of our Turningpoint Support Centre that I simply just don't know where to start.

We have seen so many souls attending Church on Sundays as a part of the great work that Ps Johno and the ministry team are doing from our Support Centre and there has been a record number of Men attending our Empower Men's Retreat as Andrew Davis tirelessly spreads the enthusiasm about attending. There have been a few men who've attended our Support Centre whom are now attending our Retreat, praise the Lord

A passing comment I heard from one of the clients recently was, "I've been to a few support centres around and this is the first Support Centre that I've been to where someone sat next to me and simply asked me how I was. It was such a great feeling to know that someone actually cared about how my day was going."

Another client shared her disbelief about all the services that we provide and just could not fathom why we do so much for the community. I simply explained that it is because that we love our Lord Jesus that we love our community and if we don't, who will?

Just this past weekend one of our clients attended our 10:30am service and gave her life to Jesus at the end of the service. God is sooooo good!

I seriously am floored every morning that I arrive at our Turningpoint Support Centre on a Friday and witness with my own eyes, the passion, commitment and love that the whole team exudes every time we get together. From the children who volunteer all their time, right through to the volunteers who come in for the whole day, it's amazing to be a part of something that is blessed and anointed by our God.

For the past couple of weeks, we've been blessed to have Ps Richard and Rachel from our PNG family, be a part of our team and boy, they are definitely the kind of workers that you want in a Support Centre, always moving, always active and always ready with a smile on their faces. Praise the Lord for servants with hearts like this.........


It’s more fun in the Philippines!! The tagline of the Country’s Tourism department to attract foreign visitors is indeed our experience when we visited our home country. A supposedly sad journey to pay a visit to a seriously ill father turns out to be a joyful and productive trip for God’s Kingdom. With the help of The Filipino Connect Group – Turningpoint Church (TPCG-TPC), we managed to reach out to the less-privileged kids from some churches in Nueva Ecija province. More or less 140 kids were blessed with a meal, school supplies and other kid’s stuff during these events.

We had a chance to visit the Philippines as a family (with our children Nathan, Grace and Andrea) after almost 9 years in Australia. The kids get to see their relatives and enjoyed the hot and humid weather there. They were also delighted to experience how to share blessings to these children and you can feel their fulfilment in doing this. We thank God for the opportunity to involve our kids so they may obtain the right attitude of giving so they can treasure these moments and make it a part of their lifestyle in the future.

We also had a chance to talk to the Pastors and leaders of every church we visited and note some of the things that we could do to help them more. Some of the areas that need support are Church Planting and Outreaches, Christian education for workers and leaders, means of livelihood in the community and establishment of strong Kids ministry for each church.

Due to the need and for the advancement of His kingdom, our family is scheduled to be back this December and January to conduct events like these and share blessings and the Gospel to these communities. We need your prayers and financial assistance for this mission.

To be involved in this great cause, please support our upcoming fundraising events or you could donate through the members of The Filipino Connect Group. Mabuhay! and God bless the Philippines.

Allan & Cynthia Quiambao


Many of you would already know, but our own Ps Phil Cayzer has been put in charge of Church Planting for the CRC Churches. Basically what he does is educate, equip and advise new Church Planters on the best way to plant a church and the pitfalls to be aware of when planting a Church. Sharing his experience on how to get a school started and how it all ties in with Church Planting

The first of many ToolShed events was held at Turningpoint Church this past weekend, with a few guest Pastors who've planted Churches, invited to give their stories of highs and lows during their first Church Plants. It was a great educational workshop and a fantastic opportunity for those that attended, to ask questions and to gain more knowledge on the topic.

What was even greater is that these Pastors actually stayed around and were invited to the different Turningpoint Churches to preach and share some more of their stories to all our different congregations.

Visit the facebook page of Turningpoint Lyndhurst DC and find out what was shared with our family out there.

Visit also the facebook page of Turningpoint KooWeeRup to see more from Ps David and Rebecca from Wild Path Church in Frankston


We have finished our time here in Wanneroo. We've ministered at Connect Group, breakfasts & the Sunday meeting. Also to individuals, both Christians & non-Christians. On Sunday we taught on the Gifts of the Spirit & several stepped out for the first time using the gift of tongues, interpretation & prophecy. The pastor, Trevor Gray is excited & planning to continue encouraging people to use the Gifts both inside & outside of the church.


Our Women's Night went off with a bang! Soup & Stew night was a great success with many fierce testimonies shared from the pulpit.

Described by Pira as a "Fearless Night!" with worship being OFF THE HOOK!

This weekend it will be the Men's turn to be FEARLESS as we head off to our Men's Retreat. I absolutely love how the Women and Men are turning up in numbers as we get together to fellowship more with like-minded people, kicking goals for the Kingdom. We are only just getting started. There is so much more to come........ Come be a part of it!


How great is new life? The old is washed away and the new is born. Every bit of news that is featured in this weeks blog has everything to do with NEW LIFE. We have an opportunity in abundance, provided by God, to sow a seed of new life. Wether it's within our family, our friends or in our community, the opportunities are there.

We have the tools to save so many souls, but we have to decide to use these tools are let them pass us by. As we head into some exciting times for Turningpoint Church, I encourage each and everyone of you that may be reading this BLOG to take the opportunities that are coming your way. Make time to hear the voice of God and start creating some New Life for the Kingdom, lead someone to Christ but more importantly, disciple them into the Church, that way we can equip and send them out as Apostles, so they in turn may create new life for the Kingdom.

Praise the Lord!!!!

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