Welcome back for another edition of my weekly Blog. It's always nice to sit here and reminisce about the week that's gone and all the exciting events that have taken place.

I named this Blog Crossing Paths because of the different people that I've met this week and how God purposely crossed our paths so that we could meet and talk. Have you ever met someone that you thought, wow! this person is so similar to me that it's scary?! Or someone that you thought to yourself, God definitely brought this person into your life for such a time as this. We've all heard that old adage

'Some people come into our lives and quickly go, while others stay and leave footprints in our hearts and we are never the same'

I've had the privilege of meeting so many different people in my lifetime, some have been amazing, some not so amazing, but I totally believe I met them for a reason.

Just a couple of weeks ago I met a terrific young lady named Melissa who has been attending Turningpoint Church since November of 2016 and she really impressed me with the way that she set up the Generations Hall for our Mainly Music Mother's Day Celebrations. On further inquiry I found out that she specializes in Events and has a heart for organizing special events for the women of the Church. Naturally, I gave thanks to God for sending someone with this kind of heart to Turningpoint Church, because as a Church, we have a heart to see our WOW Women events blossom and be fruitful, but that's not the end of our tale.

A couple of weeks later, I got an opportunity to sit down with Melissa and I found out that she had been praying for the Lord to lead her to a Church where she could serve and feel like a part of the family, the Lord lead her here but the truly blessed part to this tale is that, she didn't come alone. She brought her friend and her friends children to Church and the children love it so much that they are all now a part of our Turningpoint family! You might've noticed Melissa and Carol always near the front row of our Church, singing and worshiping with vigour. If you get a chance to meet them, I'm sure you'll agree that they are AWESOME!

Just this week I was sitting up in my office when I received a call from reception asking if I had any time to meet with a gentleman who'd popped in to have a chat to anyone, I thought sure, why not. So I met with this gentleman who goes by the name of Shaun. Shaun was once an AOG Pastor who was very well know in the AOG community. A veteran soldier with a world of experience, he relayed his stories of Pastoring a big church, his close relationships with big name AOG Pastors and regaled me with stories of being a chaplain to big sporting teams around the globe. Once I told him that we were part of the CRC Churches International movement, he seemed to know a lot about our movement and how it all began under Leo Harris.

Shaun shared that on the way to Pastor Wayne Alcorn's 50th birthday celebrations, he was knocked off his Harley Davidson and suffered massive trauma to the head that has impacted his life since 2008. From an AOG Pastor who was engaged in speaking all over the world, he became a shell of his former self and has been struggling to get back to where he was.

Not turning his back on God, Shaun is determined to get his life back on track with what God has purposed for it and is now working with the Army veterans affairs to reach out to those Veterans who are finding it hard to assimilate into society.

When we spoke, Shaun described how he's always ridden past our Turningpoint Sign on his way home (Lang Lang) but never stopped to check us out. He said God has been speaking to him about finding a Church to plant himself in that is active in the community and have the heart for the lost. A Church that doesn't just do Church on a Sunday, but get's out into the by-ways and highways to tell the people about Christ. He's been searching for a Church where people are feeding the poor and helping the homeless........... Needless to say, EVERYTHING that Shaun was looking for, Turningpoint ticked the boxes, but I didn't make mention of that to Shaun, I simply replied that God has a purpose for everything and that people cross our paths for a reason, our prayer to God is simply for clarity for the things that He has purposed for our lives and the discernment to know that it is His voice that we hear when He speaks. I prayed for Shaun and wished him well for his journey home. I have a sneaky suspicion that our paths will cross again in the very near future.

Do you have a story or two of some great people who've crossed your path? Do you remember any instances in your life where you met someone that blew your socks off..... Send me a story, let me know about a time when............

COMING UP..............

National Day of Thanks

This Sunday is our Special National Day of Thanks Service. This is an opportunity for us to give thanks to all the Trades people who have and are still, playing a role in maintaining and servicing Turningpoint Church. Please click on the link to watch a short video about what this special day means.

Service kicks off at 10:30am - Please invite your friends and family.

Don't forget that our Baptism service is on at 6pm this Sunday as well, it's always exciting to witness new souls being baptised. #GodIsGood

OUR AGM IS ONNNNNNN THIS SUNDAY! If you're a member of Turningpoint Church, YOU need to be THERE! lol


Parents Building Solutions

What a great opportunity this is to get some learning under your belt. If you're a parent with a child aged from 3 years to 12 years, this 5 Week course is for you!



Actually they're not missing this week. The Bailey's spent some quality time sharing the Word of God at Turningpoint Koo Wee Rup and teaching the children from Stripes, how to hear from God.

They have been camping out at Turningpoint Cranbourne and will be here for the remainder of the week. Please visit their Facebook and show some support.


There was some exciting and some sad news coming out of Turningpoint Koo Wee Rup in the weekend, with the announcement that Brad and Jamie Taylor were moving across the Westgate Bridge on a new adventure and the introduction of baby Malachi to the Congregation. Click on the link above to read a little bit more about what went down in the weekend.


Check out the facebook page of Turningpoint Lyndhurst DC to see the new and exciting things they got up to in the past week, including leading our Culture Point night here at Turningpoint Cranbourne.

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