Mother's Day Special

I remember waking up at 5:30am to head out to the gym for my 6:30am workout session like I do most Sundays. It was a cold Sunday morning as I headed out the door, knowing that today was a Sunday like no other, today was a Sunday that will be etched in my memory bank for the rest of my life. Today was the day I get to celebrate the fact that my wife will be celebrating Mother's Day for the first time as a newly crowned Mum, and boy was I excited!

You see, for a very long time my wife and I have been trying for a child praying and hoping, hoping and praying that one day, this special day, reserved for all the Mother's across the globe, will be a day that my wife will get to share in too.

It was a blessed Sunday, with breakfast in bed, little tokens of our love exchanged and an opportunity to give thanks and praise to the Lord above for the richness our lives have become since the birth of our little one.

We loaded up the car and off to Church we went, eagerly anticipating the festivities that turningpoint Church were going to put on this day for all the Mums in the Church.


Turningpoint did not disappoint. Greeted by a bouquet of flowers, we were welcomed in with smiles and warm celebratory hugs. Walking towards the auditorium we encountered an Art Easel with a poem on its stand reading:

" Dear Mum,

Thank you for your hugs; Thank you for your time

Thank you for your kindness; and the love you always shine

Thank you for the faith you show, teaching me what's right

Thank you for the prayers you say, even when I'm not in sight

Thank you Mum, my first love

Thank you Mum, my Angel from above!"

Opening up the doors to the auditorium, we were greeted to a stage filled with flowers, kindly donated by Marty Nekelo, Wedding Planner extraordinaire! and a worship team ready to lead us into the Throne Room of God!

Childrens items broke up the service with singing and dancing, followed by a special blessing over all our Mums by Ps Phil Cayzer. Each Mum received a small gift and a free hot drink voucher. There were sooooooo many Mums at church on Sunday, what a great turn out, made even more greater seeing my wife up on that stage with our little boy Arrow.

The service was concluded with the Word shared by Ps Liz Bailey, whom took this opportunity to also share a duet with Ps Rob Bailey. We were blessed to have this beautiful couple, in the house.

As the lights dimmed and the auditorium fell silent, all the Mothers were guided out and into our Generations Hall where they were treated to Devonshire Tea. It was a Mother's Only event so I decided to stay in the foyer and hang out with my little boy whilst mummy was in the Hall taking full advantage of her first Mother's Day.

You know the power of the Holy Spirit is at work when people attend a Church service and then hang around for hours afterwards because no one wants to leave. It's the kind of family friendly atmosphere that we try to nurture here at turningpoint Church.

If you're reading this for the first time and have been looking around for a Church to attend or you've just been asking yourself the question of wether you should go to Church or not, then why not try out turningpoint Cranbourne? We'd love to welcome you into our home and make you a part of our family.

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"Last Sunday I took the Real Kids at turningpoint Cranbourne, teaching them how to hear from God. They then listened to God, drew and wrote what God showed them."

"This family photo tells an interesting story! This couple live in Leeton NSW & go to the Leeton CRC. When we minister there, we see them...and when we minister at Lyndhurst, there they are again!! They have cousins at Lyndhurst.

At Leeton we prayed for them to have a baby...they'd tried for 6 years! And here she is! Also last week, Rob gave him a word that he would be doing further study. He's a doctor & had been thinking he'd specialise in Child Health. Then, before the meeting, he mentioned to his wife, he was unsure if he should. Then Rob said prophetically, knowing nothing of this, that God was telling him it was ok to specialise!"

- Ps Liz Bailey

------------------- COMING UP ----------------------

Don't forget that we have our A.G.M coming up on Sunday the 28th of May. It will kick off at 4pm in the Generations Hall (turningpoint Cranbourne) and ALL members are requested to attend. If you are NOT able to attend, please let us know by clicking here

and filling out the form.


I was really excited when we received our Filler Packs for our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox appeal for 2017. We've always had a vision of filling 1000 boxes and I'm hoping that this year will be the year we do it!

We're believing that this year is going to be the biggest year yet for our OCC appeal and so these filler packs are already on sale at the front desk for only $8. This low price will get you:

2 x Exercise Books

Colouring pencils

A tiny teddy

Skipping Rope

2 x Tennis Balls

A carry satchel

2 x Toothbrushes

You can change a child's life with $8 so please contact us if you would like to purchase one of these filler packs via our 'Contact' page or call: 5996 3048 (office)

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