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Turningpoint Support Centre Clients

I met a Cambodian couple at TPSC who had an eleven year old son who had a rare sickness that caused the boy to have consistent epileptic fits. They were not christians.

I shared with them the power of God in the name of Jesus,  and suggested that we pray for the lad; they accepted the offer. I called a prayer group of four and myself, and we had an indepth laying on of hands,  inner healing and deliverance prayer, for him.


For the remainder of the year the boy had no epileptic fits.

I spoke to the couple in mid Feb.; they reported tmthato date me he had  only one  mild episode in January. We are praising the Lord for this miraculous outcome and believing for the Lord's blessing on his continuing healing journey.  John Boland


Veronica, Cranbourne

Earlier this l was hospitalised with a severe respiratory illness.

On the 11th day of my hospitalisation the doctor announced that despite all the intervention I had received, I had  only shown a thirty percent recovery and he was quite concerned. He stated that until I showed a fifty to sixty per cent improvement in my condition I would need to remain in care for some additional time. I was devastated. The following morning my husband phoned and we engaged in very intensive intercessory prayer for one hour.


Following our prayers, my respiratory symptoms completely disappeared and I was healed instantly, much to the surprise of my physician.

I was then discharged from hospital the following day healed.

Veronica Boland

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