At turningpoint we strongly support mission and evangelistic work. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to be part of seeing many saved and healed through our local endeavors and overseas missions in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and the Philippines.

The Cranbourne campus runs annual missions trips to Papua New Guinea, Philippines and East Africa. 

In Papua New Guinea, we have assisted the local churches in setting up Bible Training Schools that have seen hundreds of Pastors and Leaders trained and over 300 local churches started. Throughout Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania we have seen over 130 graduates with a Cert IV as of the past two years of establishing Bible Colleges.

Hallam is now linking with a church in Ghana that runs a primary school and is seeking to bring Christian education to children in the region.

turningpoint Koo Wee Rup has connected with many young men coming to Australia, from Vanuatu, for seasonal work. They are continuing this connection by visiting them in Vanuatu and ministering to their families as well as to their villages.

Our mission statement is for a church that is progressively “active in Missions” ministerially and financially, overseas and locally, planting and supporting a new outreach church with manpower, resources and practical ministry.

See our recent Missions Book for more: 

turningpoint Missions Magazine

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With over 30 African Nations represented in Turningpoint Church, our heart for Africa has always been immense. We have seen tremendous growth in the African Nations of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and The Democratic Republic of Congo and believe that Turningpoint Church play a big role in planting and nurturing Churches in this region.



For over 20 years Turningpoint Church have been making our pilgrimage to PNG to share the Gospel of the Lord with our brothers and sisters there.

We always have a team of women who attend the CRC Womens Conference in PNG and we have planted a bible college there also. 



Koo Wee Rup is the home of the Asparagus, and with all these Asparagus Farms come the seasonal workers from Vanuatu. Our outreach to these workers has yielded a harvest that has sown a seed in the heart of Ps Sean La'Brooy. Every year these workers come to Koo Wee Rup and worship with Turningpoint on a Sunday. Turningpoint KooWeeRup has also had the privilege of visiting them in their homeland of Vanuatu. 



Our Turningpoint Hallam are key supporters of a school in Ghana called Terri International Christian Academy. Run by Ps John Boateng and his wife, turningpoint have been sponsoring children who are caught in poverty, to continue to get an education and grow in their studies. In 2019 Ps Julie and Stella went on the first missions trip to Ghana.



Each year we have a team that heads to the Philippines to run food programs, give gifts to children, hold evangelistic crusades, coordinate leadership seminars for pastors and leaders and attend outreach activities in Cabanatuan City in the province of Nueva Ecija.



Turningpoint Church has for years now, been supporting Samaritan's purse by filling shoeboxes full of gifts for different Orphanages around the world. Our heart has seen us fill hundreds of boxes over the past years, with a goal to hit 1000 boxes in one year.