Updated 3rd April


We want to inform you of the following precautionary measures we are taking for turningpoint Church in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19. We would greatly appreciate your heart, commitment, understanding and cooperation in these matters.

Key Points

  • Victoria implemented a shutdown of all non-essential activity across the state.

  • As per the Governments regulations and for the safety of our people we will not be holding any in person gatherings at this time.

  • Government recommends to refrain from any sort of physical contact and stay about 1.5 metres apart from one another.

  • Scott Morrison says churches will be considered as "workplaces" ... Singers and other assistants will be allowed to take part in Easter church service webcasts and broadcasts under the new rules announced 3/4/2020.

  • turningpoint Sunday Services are now online via Facebook! Click here to access our services 

  • turningpoint Mid-week meetings: Youth & Children’s meetings, School of Ministry (Bible School), Connect Groups will now all be online via what’s app and ZOOM.

  • turningpoint Child Care with other Child Cares across the country have been requested to remain open.

  • turningpoint food support will remain open by appointment only and restricted drop off service will be available.

  • For ongoing support our Church Phones and emails will remain open and functioning throughout the week for you.


If you require more information or Prayer please communicate via the “Pray for Me” tab on our website.

We are hosting a 19/19:00 Prayer vigil: 19 minutes of prayer at 19.00 (7.00pm) to pray against COVID -19. Everyday at about 6pm a message will be sent out via SMS with any updates about our church and a few current prayer points for us to join together to pray for. Included will also be link to a video of encouragement and prayer by Pastors Joel and Sieni Cayzer from our Lilydale Campus. If you would like to be regularly updated via SMS, fill in the form below.

We ask that you stay informed of the risks associated with COVID-19 and act on the information regarding preventative measures, such as social distancing, as directed by the authorities. The Australian Government’s advice and information can be found at health.gov.au and also at the VIC State Health Authority. 

One final note to emphasise, please do not let this information alarm or heighten any distress you may have surrounding recent developments of Coronavirus. Rather, our desire is for you to be informed and know that our heart is to protect and ensure the safety of all, so we can continue to worship together.

“Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” Psalm 91:9-10

A.W. Tozer made this statement: ‘A scared world needs a fearless church.’ So turningpoint it is time for us to be fearless and lead the way forward. Like a fireman runs to the fire, may we as His church respond to the crisis around us.


God bless you all, 


Pastors Phil and Norma Cayzer

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