Culture Bitten

How great was CulturePoint night at Turningpoint Church on Sunday? The saddest thing for me about our CulturePoint nights has been the fact that I couldn't make it to the pervious ones, but now I've been bitten by the Culture bug and I can't wait to continue on these amazing nights! It was awesome to see the house of the Lord filled with cultural praise and worship and seeing from the stage how everyone in the auditorium was getting into it. There was clapping, dancing, singing and rejoicing, all for the name of the Lord. Before our CulturePoint night started, the Pacific Island team re-enforced that the night wasn't about a performance, but an offering of Worship to our Heavenly Father. Con

New Life

I don't know about you, but one thing that really gets me excited in the house of the Lord, is when someone gets baptised. Isn't it great to see a new soul take that faith step and declaring their faith to the world through baptism? Two weekends ago a good friend of mine Facebook messaged me that her daughter was getting baptised out at our KooWeeRup branch. Such a great and a momentous time for her and her family, unfortunately I couldn't make it due to worship leading at our Cranbourne branch, but from all accounts, it was amazing. Check out these photos. Even more photos on the Turningpoint KooWeeRup Facebook page. It's been a big week already this week with so much news coming out of our

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